Meet our Chefs

Cory Mattern

Cory is from North Dakota; currently, he and his wife live here in Minot.  If you have been shopping in Gourmet Chef you have probably seen Cory usually talking to someone about his pride and joy, Wusthof Cutlery. He likes to say he is the resident cookware and cutlery nerd of the store. His educational background is in chemistry.  This makes him the perfect person to talk to about the structure of metals and their uses in knives and cookware.  He was fortunate enough to take a tour of the Wusthof factory in Solingen, Germany.


Jamie Price

Originally from Dallas Texas, he has lived in Minot for 8 years with his wife and 3 children.  Currently, he works at Morrelli’s Distributing where he oversees the financials and accounting department.  He is also the Owner/Operator of LBJ Texas BBQ & Catering.  Jamie specializes in Texas style BBQ, but is skilled in traditional Mexican, Italian, and American cuisine. Jaime is primarily self-taught, beginning his journey at a young age helping out his mother in the kitchen.  Over the past 35 years, he has expanded his skill by working in restaurants for some very talented chefs.  Outside of work and cooking, Jamie loves to play golf and travel with his wife and 3 kids.

Sue Willson

Originally from Oklahoma. Her parents were first generation immigrants that ran Chinese, Vietnamese and Mexican restaurants.  While growing up, she was influenced by many different types of cuisine; learning from the various chefs working in her parents restaurants.  Through her travels and working with various chefs, her core strength is preparing and cooking Asian, Mexican, Greek, and Southern American cuisines.  She does have a “day career”, but her main love and hobby is cooking.  Her “night career” is a personal chef and caterer.  She also loves drawing, painting and competitive archery.   


Janette McCoy

Originally from Michigan, Janette has lived in Minot the last 3 years.  Her travels have taken her to Charleston, South Carolina and Tokyo, Japan.    She started cooking at a young age helping out her mom in the kitchen and with children that she babysat.  She has been cooking ever since. Janette has been working in restaurants in one way or another for more than 24 years. She attended culinary school in Charleston and worked for one of the top restaurants in the city as a pastry chef before moving overseas with her husband who is in the military.  Janette’s main specialties are French desserts and Southern cuisine; but she can adapt quickly and make nearly anything.  Her challenge is to open a fridge or pantry and make something out of whatever she finds.

Antonella Scaparra

Originally from Milan, Italy Antonella moved to Minot 6 years ago with her then husband from Aviano Air Base.  She started cooking when she was 8 years old with her mother and twin sister. Most of what she has learned has been self-taught but later in life she did go cooking school in Milan “La Cucina Italiana” to learn technical and professional skills. Of course Antonella’s main specialty is anything Italian, although she says desserts and baking are not her thing. Currently she works for Newkota Services here in Minot and is working on her very first cookbook.

Casey Welsh

Originally from Ohio, she moved to Minot 3 years ago when her significant other was offered a better opportunity at work.  Casey started around the age of 8 and has been cooking ever since.  She grew up learning how to cook from her mother and maternal grandmother. She then attended culinary school in 2010-2012.  Her main specialty is baking, but she does love to try all sorts of new recipes at home.  Currently, she is employed by Trinity’s Organizational Developmental department; where she is an Education Specialist. She creates and conducts various types of learning for the staff and manages some of the continuing ed programs. Casey loves teaching and doing classes at Gourmet Chef allow her to combine two things she loves cooking and teaching.