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Our chefs provide you with all the knowledge you need to create amazing dishes. Our classes are perfect for a date night or girls' night out. Adult classes are $40-$50 per person/per class unless posted otherwise. Must be 21 to attend Wine Classes. Must be 18 to attend Knife Skills Class. You may bring in beverages with you to drink during class. Limit one bottle of wine per two people or two beers per person. ID's will be checked prior to class. You will receive a full meal at most classes.

Paid registration is required as seating is limited. There is a two day notification required for cancellation of a class for refund. If less than two days is given for cancellation, you may find a friend or family member to fill your spot. If you need to cancel the day of class due to illness or emergency, you can get half credit toward another class.  Please inform us of food allergies upon registration. If over 21, you may bring 1 bottle of wine per 2 people, or 2 bottles of beer per person. No hard liquor is allowed. ID's are required. With the exception of kids classes, children under the age of 12 cannot attend adult classes unless previously approved by Gourmet Chef management. 

Risotto Class Minot

Monday, February 6th - 6-8pm or
Tuesday, February 7th - 6-8pm
with Antonella Scapara
Demonstration Class - Cost $45
Antonella, born and raised in Milan, Italy, will be here to with us some of her Italian favorites. Recipes will include: A Mushroom Prosecco Risotto, Pollo alla salsa rosa (chicken with tomato sauce, cream, garlic and parsley), and Napoleon stuffed tomatoes. 

Wednesday, February 15th - 6-8pm
with Sue Willson
Participation Class - Cost $45.
Sue Willson owner of Up Again Catering will be showing participants this month how to make their own Sushi at home. This is the perfect beginner’s class to take with friends and family


Saturday, February 18th - 1-3pm
with Mare Pignet
Demonstration/Participation Class - Cost $45.
Join Mare Pignet of Gourmet Chef to learn some homemade winter care and spring cleaning solutions. She will be showing participants how to make lip balm, homemade Vicks, lotion and natural spring cleaning items.

Tuesday, February 21st - 6-8pm or
Wednesday, February 22nd - 6-8pm
with Jamie Price
Demonstration Class - Cost $45
Join us this month as Jamie Price, Pit Master and owner of LBJ Catering will be here to take class participants on a tour of the West Coast. Recipes will include: “Cardif Crack” (San Diego: Tri tip, a thinner cut of beef coming from the thigh of the cow.), Fish Tacos: Los Angeles and Cioppino (a fish and tomato stew, sometimes made with shellfish): San Francisco.

NEW!! Saturday, February 25th 1-3pm
with Matt Hargrove Cost
Demonstration Class - Cost $45
Did you get a new Pressure Cooker for Christmas? Or is your Pressure Cooker just sitting there collecting dust because you are unsure how to use it?! Then this class is for you. Come and learn all the capabilities of a Pressure Cooker with Matt Hargrove. He will be here teaching you how to use all of its great features. Plus you get to enjoy a great Tex Mex meal!