April 19, 2018 - Oil & Vinegar - How to Use and Enjoy!

Oils & Vinegars - How to Use and Enjoy!
Gourmet Chef 
Oil & Vionegar
Oil and vinegar, (like oil and water), don't physically mix well, but their flavors certainly do in many delicious combinations!

IN THIS ISSUE, we delve into the versatility of quality olive oils and vinegars by exploring techniques of dipping, dressing, marinating, and reducing. We highlight three, spring-inspired salads featuring oil and vinegar dressings that truly pack a flavor punch.
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Oil and Vinegar
recipeone RECIPE: Simple Spring Salad
Technique 2: Dressing
Vinaigrette Tips
Red Wine Vinaigrette
recipetwo RECIPE: Roasted Primavera Bowl
Technique 3: Marinating
Deconstructed Power Bowl
recipethree RECIPE: Spring Strawberry Panzanella
Technique 4: Reducing
Denise Lindbo
Gourmet Chef
SALADLia Soneson